I am available to conduct workshops for groups ranging from 5 - 25 people. This page lists some of the workshops I have conducted in the past at Jewish camps and leadership conferences, but I can also work with your group to develop a custom workshop to fit your community's needs. Please email me for more information.

Judaic Art: Creating Ritual Objects

In this class, we will create Judaic themed art pieces to adorn and sanctify our homes and prayer spaces. Using fibers, handmade papers, textures and colors, we will create Jewish ritual objects and wall hangings to enhance the sense of kedusha (holiness) in our lives and our space. The class will include some experiential song and meditation to prepare us to create sacred objects in a supportive and nonjudgmental way. Open studio space available outside of class time. Materials fee.

Awakening the Inner Artist

Step into the sacred circle of colors, vision and spirit as we access the internal River of Light and Wisdom that flows within. This class will be a fun and playful journey through the forest of colors, textures and design. We will search our inner voices and visions to find a place of nurturance that seeks to be rekindled. Explore the joys of creative, nonjudgmental expression using art as a tool for personal reflection, healing and change. Calling forth images, dreams, personal stories, emotions and spirit, we will explore expressive pieces through drawing, acrylic painting, oil pastels and creating celebratory ritual bowls, For all levels of experience. Open studio space will be available to work/play outside of class time. Bring: sketchbook/journal, pencils, brushes, 3-4 small bottles of acrylic paint and a favorite poem, prayer or journal entry that speaks to you. Materials fee.

Judaic Art: Creating Sacred Space

God has granted us the wisdom and understanding to do all the work necessary for the sacred task.
-- Exodus 36:1

The Torah tells us how Bazalel and Oholiab made a sacred space (the Mishkan, or Sanctuary) for encountering the Divine using only everyday materials gathered from the Israelites. Through creativity and kavanah (focused intentionality), they were able to draw holiness from the mundane.

This class will use the media of art, symbol and texture as tools for creating sacred space in our lives. Working with fibers, handmade papers, ceramics and colors, we'll create Jewish ritual objects and wall hangings to enhance healing, calm, and centeredness in our areas of kedusha (holiness), both in our personal homes and our collective prayer space. Our class will include experiential song and meditation to prepare us to create sacred objects. We'll have both individual and group projects and open studio space beyond class time. Artists at all levels are welcome in this nonjudgmental class, including those who don't think of themselves as artists. Bring a pair of scissors, 2-3 yards of interesting fabric, some notions and scraps, small brushes and calligraphy pens, and a favorite Jewish prayer. Materials fee.