Tallitot: Prayer Shawls for the Feminine Spirit

With a flair for the contemporary and a spirit of the ancient, Shonna has designed a new vision of prayer shawl (tallit) that brings a sense of beauty and femininity to the traditional four-cornered garment. Designed to produce a sense of holiness for the unfolding spiritual expression of women, these lovely tallitot also respond magically to movement and dance, echoing a softness by their essence. They are a pleasure to wear, and easy to care for.

These beautiful sacred garments add a sense of holiness to any ritual or prayer occasion. The larger styles and robed versions are appropriate for women rabbis, cantors, and spiritual leaders, or anyone desiring a sense of being fully embraced by a garment for prayer and celebration. Brides and bat mitzvah women of all ages also find the smaller scarf-styles attractive.

Custom Tallis Designs
Shonna uses visual themes from a wide range of sources, illustrating Biblical quotes, the Tree of Life, water and sea, mountains, fruit and flowers of Israel, birds, wings, New Moon, Jerusalem, and images expressive of the Shekhinah (G@d's feminine presence). She helps her clients to envision unique, personal themes and imagery for their tallitot which will express their own sense of holiness.

Group photos

"Thank you so much for the beautiful tallitot katanot you made. They were a most wonderful surprise gift, and the children both wore them proudly at the ceremony. The simcha was fantastic, and you were there with us in spirit through your fabulous artwork and great generosity."