Custom Tallit Design

"Shonna, thank you so very much. [My daughter] absolutely flipped when she saw her tallit! It arrived on Friday, which was her birthday. It was beautiful and it matches her dress. And the best part is that it is unique. Thanks again for getting it out to us so quickly."

I enjoy working closely with people as they search to give shape to spiritually meaningful journeys. In phone and personal conversations with women and girls, I develop a visual sketch of their interests and fax them rough designs for their review. As we narrow the multiple ideas to ones that will fit together in their finished piece, whether rectangular or robe-shaped, I try to capture a portrait of the inner self of the woman, a soul portrait, if you will.

Embraced by the wings of the Shechinah, the Divine feminine presence, radiant, soft and flowing: this is the image I have for being wrapped in a tallit.

I envision something softer, more flowing; something you can move and dance in; something that can reflect your personal stories and images. These can come from dreams, symbols, matriarchs, angelic guardians, your spiritual path.

Choosing meaningful text for the neckpieces allows you to further express your poetic or spiritual connection.

I want to provide an opportunity for each woman to feel safe as she deepens her sense of self, power, and spirituality. The tallit is a garment for connecting to one’s higher self and I feel the importance of being able to reflect the inner self of each unique person.