Ketubot Pricing and Policies

Prices for my custom ketubot range from $500 to $2,500, depending on the length of the text, the number of languages used, the detail and complexity of the design, and the extent of the design process. Please feel free to talk openly with me about what you can afford, so we can work together to create a ketubah that meets your needs.

Interfaith and Same Sex Couples Welcome!
Although the inspirations for many of my ketubot come from Jewish art and spirituality, I can also design a wedding covenant for Interfaith couples, using a text that speaks to you. I have also designed several ketubot for same-sex couples, and would love to help you celebrate your upcoming wedding, commitment ceremony, or anniversary.

The ketubah to the left, the "Garden of Israel," is featured in Anita Diamant's book, The New Jewish Wedding.

It is a blessing to work together to create sacred art, and a beautiful document that will enhance your home and add joy to your wedding experience. I look forward to hearing from you.